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It has been a privilege to start Nécessaire. While some things have changed since we set out to create the company, one thing has remained through it all: our purpose, our reason for being.

We want to provide the inspiration and the innovation for people to care for their body. The truth is, we were seeking it. We couldn't find clean, effective body products. Body care felt like an afterthought, never the first thought. In our minds, body care was more than a body wash, bigger than body lotion. Body care is self-care and self-care is a necessity.

Corporate responsibility is perhaps the most daunting aspect of starting a business today. Yet, to us it has become clear: our ultimate stakeholder is our resource base. No planet, no body. Advocating for the sustainable way, for doing what's right, not what's easy, has become a cornerstone of who we are and what we do. We are not perfect and we have far to go, but you have our commitment: our hearts are in it.

Nick & Randi

Nick Axelrod & Randi Christiansen


No Shortcuts.

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The No List

What’s not in it
is as important as what is.



Aspire to build the best product
while working with the environment,
not against it.

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