Who We Are

Personal care, reimagined.

We believe the products you use every day should make a true difference in your wellbeing and support your health. We obsessively research our ingredients and only use clean, effective, and high-quality ingredients your body can actually use.

We started with body care and sex care, because we believe these products deserve to be the first thought, not an afterthought. We believe personal care is bigger than body wash, more than body lotion. We believe personal care is self-care—and that self-care is a necessity.


What We Believe

It has to be Necessary.

The ingredients we choose
The product we develop
The facts we share
The experts we interview
The footprint we leave behind

We Practice Clean Beauty (But It Has To Perform)

No parabens
No phthalates
No sulfates
No silicones
No petro-chemicals
No synthetic fragrances
No synthetic dyes

Learn about our obsessively researched ingredients. We like facts and we like sharing them. The Yes List. The No List.

We Are Sustainable

We use 85% post-consumer waste boxes and 100% recyclable paper for our boxes and shippers. We only work with FSC-certified vendors. No virgin forest materials are ever used.

We Create For Everyone

All ages
All genders
All humans

Join our community.

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