It is a fact. We do not give back as much as we take - we have a footprint. We believe sustainability is the pursuit of a more responsible approach in the small and in the large. It is a commitment -and, we have far to go in ours. Below we have captured our work to date.


We are Climate Neutral Certified. As per year one, we measure, offset and reduce our carbon in full.

  • Climate Neutral Certified


We follow the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and EU Standards for clean and safe beauty.

  • Clean
  • Fragrance-Free
    2019+ All Products Available in Fragrance-Free
  • Scent
    2019+ Essential Oils (Organic / Organic Compliant)


We use a range of packaging materials. Our packaging is sourced from the USA, France and China.

  • Materials
    Resin / PCR
    Resin / BIO-RESIN
    Resin Is Free Of BPA, BFA + Phthalate.


We use FSC-Certified paper for our cartons and shippers. No virgin paper is used.

  • Carton
    2019+ 85% Post-Consumer Waste
    2019+ 100% Recyclable
  • Shippers
    2019+ 100% Post-Consumer Waste
    2019+ 100% Recyclable

Supply Chain

We are manufactured in the USA and run a dual shipping transit system to minimize our carbon impact.

  • Manufacturing
    2019+ Utah, USA
    2020+ California, USA
  • Shipping
    2019+ California, USA
    2020+ Pennsylvania, USA

1% For The Planet

We allocate 1% of all sales to environmental non-profits that work to defend our air, water, land and wildlife worldwide.

  • 1% For The Planet Member
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