Interviewed by Nick Axelrod
November 22, 2018

The photographer, stylist, and cult-denim designer on the enlightening power of plants, family time, and why you should always put a little sesame oil under your nose on airplanes.


Nécessaire: What do you love to do?

Stevie Dance: Two things come to mind: I love to laugh really, really hard and I love being a Mum.

What do you do for a living?

I take photos, work as a fashion director at POP magazine, write for anyone who is willing to read it, plus we just launched my dream jeans studio Feel Jeans.

How do you practice self-care on a daily basis? 

I really believe in the power of healing through food, which is hard to say and not sound prescriptive and preachy—but starting to follow a largely plant-based diet has had an enlightening impact on my life. Also, I need to move my body or I feel absolutely disenchanted.

Describe how you take care of your body.

Pilates, and long, long hikes. When I can get to Kyle Miller’s yoga classes at Love Yoga—that, too. Avoiding stagnation via mostly alkaline food—I love a vegetable juice—plus acupuncture weekly, on my body and on my face, and a lot of almond oil massaged all over me. Hugging and kissing. Hello Beautiful cotton underpants and wearing really comfy socks to bed, post-much hydration.

What is your dream "me time" scenario?

Swimming in the waves with my little family in the middle of the day, eating avocados with pink salt and lemon, getting massages in the sand—and giving them, too; and not needing to wear a hat because harmful UV rays and post-pregnancy melasma don’t exist. I'm also fluent in French in this scenario, and speak it with exuberance with my man—whose natural tongue it is—and my babe.

What is your real "me time" scenario?

Taking my son in my arms with my phone on Airplane Mode and having Moon Juice delivered.

What is the best life hack you’ve discovered?

For never, ever getting the flu when flying: Sesame oil in my nose, a face mask that doesn’t come off no matter how weird I look, and a propolis tincture with hot water on the plane.

What is your biggest weekly indulgence?

Driving through the Hollywood Hills, excited when I don’t have to speak out loud, listening to indulgent music—stuff no one else wants to hear—really loudly.

What is your biggest weekly sacrifice?

[Lack of] sleep, but just for the time being. 

What does 'balance' look like for you? How do you find balance?

It’s about making sure one’s own needs are met—Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory—which can be tricky, as we are usually more concerned with making sure everyone else’s needs are met.

What is absolutely necessary to you? 

My babe.

Best self-care tip:

Eat mostly plants.

Best nutrition tip:

Eat mostly plants.

Best fitness tip: 

Keep it moving.

Best beauty tip: 

Eat mostly plants and keep it moving!


Find Stevie on Instagram @stevie_dance and @feeljeans.


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