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Interviewed by Nick Axelrod
October 15, 2018

Randi Christiansen is the Co-Founder of Nécessaire and a former Estée Lauder Companies executive. Here, Nick interviews her about her precious bathroom time, the real secret to glowing skin, connecting with nature, and what makes sitting in traffic for 15 hours a week worth it.


Nécessaire: What do you love to do?

Randi: I love being in nature.

What do you do for a living?

Nécessaire is what I do for a living, but more importantly, it is my way to make an impact. I love reading the book Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots? to my daughters…That’s me. I am a princess in hiking boots. To be able to launch Nécessaire and create a beauty brand that is sticking up for sustainability, sticking up for nature, is a privilege.

How do you practice self-care on a daily basis?

My husband and I will wake up early and take our bullmastiff for a walk to the ocean in Manhattan Beach. We end at a small coffee shop. We have a black cup of coffee. We walk home. We don’t say much. It is just a simple, quiet walk, but I love a great beginning to the day. I love seeing the ocean. I love seeing my husband happy.

This is not at all my nature, but a mentor of mine taught me this trick: Stop. Pause. Just for a minute. Look up in the sky and remind yourself that it is bigger than you. Force a ‘reset.’

The bathroom is one of the few times and one of the few places I have to myself. I will sneak into the bathroom, turn on the water for the shower, light a candlesometimes–and then I just stand there in the shower. I do absolutely nothing but enjoy the water, the moment. This is probably why I love The Body Wash. The texture is so luxurious, bouncy, and rich; it’s almost like pouring honey. Depending on what mood I am in, more warm or more cool, I will use one of the pure essential-oil scents, Sandalwood or Eucalyptus.

Describe how you take care of your body.

My daily shower is 5 to 10 minutes. I try to have one day a week where I don’t shower, because it is a break for the skinit’s a trick I learned, working in skincare for a long time.

Realistically, I’ll try to take a bath two times a month. I love using salts in a hot bath. Right now I’m using Herbivore Botanicals Calm Soaking Salts. I don’t do anything in the bath. I relax, I chill.

Dream "Me Time" scenario?

I never have more than a few minutes to myself, being a mother of three, having a business. I have to steal a few minutes here and there. So the idea of having a day to myself. A full day. That is the dream.

Real "Me Time" scenario?

A massage once a month at Joanna Vargas in LA. I love massages and I give that gift to myself when I can find 45 consecutive minutes of Me Time.

What is the best 'life hack' you've discovered?

Google Calendars. It’s the main way my husband and I manage our family and the schedules of three girls.

What is your biggest weekly indulgence?


What is your biggest weekly sacrifice?

Time in traffic. I spend probably 15 hours a week in traffic, commuting from Manhattan Beach to our offices. I love living by the beach. Even though I’ve learned to optimize my time in the car, traffic is the biggest cost in the cost-benefit analysis of my life.

What does 'balance' look like for you? How do you find balance?

I’m extremely conscious of what I give my energy to and where my time goeswhat I say “yes” to, and what I say “no” to. Finding balance for me has been a lesson in learning to say “no” and trying to check in with myself and not overextend myself.

What is absolutely necessary to you?

My heart aches if I don’t get to give my husband and my daughters a hug at the end of the day. It truly does. I would say my husband, my daughters–my family–and those small moments with them is of the utmost importance to me.

Best self-care tip

Find time to be nude. Scandinavians are known for appreciating nudity and also for being private people, which is a funny contrast. I'm Danish and I live that juxtaposition in my own life—I love being nude. Being comfortable being nude is important. Let it feel great.

Best nutrition tip

Eat what is in season.

Best fitness tip


Fitness has been an integral part of my life as I grew up playing competitive tennis. I love a good run. I love The Class by Taryn Toomey. A moving mediation.

Best beauty tip

Moisture. Apply moisture, drink moisture, sleep in moisture. It’s about over-applying moisturizer, drinking tons of water, and sleeping with a humidifier. It’s the number one way to get plump, glowy, healthy skin. From all of the years I have been in beauty, all the data and studies I’ve read and my own skin experiences, moisture is the biggest takeaway.

Find Randi on Instagram @randichristiansen.


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