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TOAST RACK…A utilitarian table item which can be found on most English breakfast tables, and most assuredly in every English cupboard.  Toast Racks can be found in an incredible variety of designs and different materials such as silver, silver plate, porcelain, or pottery. 

For every occasion, there is a Toast Rack:  on Sunday, “Church Window” Toast Racks, for sporting events, “Cricket Bat” Toast Racks, for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee, an “1897” Toast Rack.  Miniature Toast Racks are manufactured for the breakfast in bed tray.   For a set of fancy dinnerware, a Toast Rack will be made to match the pattern.

Toast Racks are very decorative, but as a practical method of serving toast, they do have disadvantages.  I remember a friend who traveled to England for the first time whose comment on her return was “but they serve cold toast in the morning”!  This could just be a matter of preference as to where breakfast is served, in the dining room rather than in the kitchen. 

Toast Racks have been made for over a hundred years, and are still being manufactured today.  A book has recently been published covering English Porcelain Toast Racks, but thus far, nothing on the metal ones. 

The Toast Racks being offered are all vintage ones, many were purchased years ago in England.  It is not always easy to determine the ages, especially when the marks are generic or missing the manufacturers name. 

If you decide to purchase one of these Toast Racks, but don’t like cold toast, they still make lovely decorative pieces in the kitchen, or you could find a new use for one on your desk for holding mail.  Toast Racks are fun, historical, beautiful, and practical.